Of all the waves in your atmosphere


Kaskade - Never Sleep Alone

There's a heartbeat. Somewhere. Love, I'm gonna find you there.
In the darkness. Sleepless. Love, I wanna have you near. 

CanCun Mexico

This is the times I call myself a #BRATPACKER. #VacationfrommyVacation. No but let's be honest, a picture tells a lot but not the whole story so let me tell you - I don't like this. I don't know if I just had a bad day because I'm sick or if it's just how I truly feel, but I just don't like it. However freaking perfect it looks like - laying at a fancy #beachclub, in #partyheaven #Cancun, filled with plenty of party #springbreak students, with loud #loungemusic from the speakers, looking out at the #deepblue ocean, feeling like everything is straight out of a #goodlife movie, the perfect #partyscene, I can't find the joy in it. And it frustrates me so much, because I wanna like it, because I LOVED this 5 years ago, but I think life, travelling the world, changed me.. #notmything. 

Miami Bitch

I wrote this one day after arriving to Miami.
Coming to Miami straight from Managua, straight from travelling Central America for 1,5 months , is a chock.. I have mentioned it a lot before here on the blog that I have two personalities, two sides of me. That I'm schitzo, more or less. I have the side I've been really living out the last 6 months. Or year. The side who don't care about beauty, fame, the outside. Who loves the simpleness that money can't buy. The nature, outdoor, roughness.. The side who don't care about what media and society tells us that we want and how to live. I also have the side of me that enjoys living the life we believe we want. I love the modelling, the "fame", the attention, the beauty, the "good"-lifestyle. The cars, the parties, the glamour. The life we think we want, the life we admire others having.
I know I can have any of the lifestyles. Ofc anyone can. Work your ass off, get rich, buy your car and fancy house, show it off to the world on Instagram and Facebook. Anyone can have it, if you badly want it. Which not everyone have understood and just seeing it as a dream life, a unrealistic goal they wish they could get because they believe they never will get it. Plus most people are too lazy to make it to reality, that's why it's forever will just be a dream they think they want, because media tells us that it's what we want. But is it really a dream of our own? If it was a dream, we would chase it. Some people actually do have it as their personal dream and goal, that's the people who put the time and effort to makes it to reality. The rest of us is just told it should be our dream. So, in the end of the day, how will that nice car that you can show of change your life? You'll still feel the same inside. You personally wouldn't change much from a car. Money can buy materialistic things, but it can't buy or change you. For the dreamers with the life goal, their personal goal, to reach the money for that car - I'm sure that's a huge fulfilment. But in the end, it's just material things, it's not investment in your inner self.
And since I've had my mindset to the simple-life side of me for the biggest part my last year, and extremely put on for the last 6 months, it's a chock for me to get thrown into the fancy pancy lifestyle. Sure it looks amazing from the outside. But by know I know myself better and I'm know it's not a total fulfilling lifestyle for me. But hey, it's fun for a while, because after all, I DO like this lifestyle too. I just need to change my mode to that other girl I am. Which is a bit hard with just a backpack filled with backpacking clothes. Whatever, I'll for sure have fun!
I write this 8 days later, just before leaving Miami.
I told a friend how I felt being in Miami again. The same as I wrote here above. He told me he's sure I'll get used to that lifestyle again fast. I didn't believe him. Still on Thursday, after 4 days, I didn't really understand why I was in Miami. Why did I wanna go and party? I don't even like parties any more, it's not my thing after I stopped the alcohol. And I felt so misplaced all the time, on South Beach, in Downtown, at the clubs, at the apartment I stayed at, everywhere I just felt wrong, and yeah I just simply didn't feel good. But but but BUUUUUT.. Today when I write this, Tuesday, I don't even wanna leave Miami. I've have had the sickest weekend. I've never danced and bounced so much in my life. I went to the 3 days long Ultra Music Festival, which I've been looking forward to since September when me and my babe bought the tickets, and being there I felt like I was in wonderland.
It was more than perfect, more than I ever expected. It was sleep eat rave repeat and it was just perrrrfect. The music, the atmosphere, the people, the company, eeeveryfuckingthing. I loved it. EDM, electronic dance music, means so much to me. And to enjoy it with people who loves it as much, was just amazing.
Yeah the word amazing and perfect got mentioned way too much here now so I'll stop trying to even explain it anymore because it's impossible. I've had the biggest smile on my face 3 days in a row and I think it will remain on my face as long as I think about this weekend.
But I wanna say that the atmosphere is way different on a EDM festival like this than any festivals I've been to in Scandinavia, or Australia. Why? I really really don't wanna make it sound the wrong way here now, but I believe it's because of the drugs. Drugs makes crowds act in another way, in my opinion a way better way, than alcohol does. Let me give a few simple examples - I saw no fights, I saw only one guy who had passed out and one crying girl, so yes I actually only saw 100 thousands happy dancing people. I don't even gonna try to remember how many fights, puking people, crying people, past out people, wasted people I've seen on for example Finnish festivals, which been festivals way smaller than Ultra. Because Finns don't do drugs, they do 1 liter Koskenkorva and 12 Koff. I know how many times (or actually, I fucking don't because it been waaaay too many times) that I've been doing any of the above mentioned actions when I've been drinking myself shitfaced. Just saying, I fucking hate the way alcohol is legally consumed and how much shit it brings with it people ignore and close their eyes for. Or if you disagree with my opinion and believe about drugs. Let's say it's just the EDM music that makes people more happy and giving more good vibes than pop, rock, hiphop or whatever music. Because I'm pretty sure I've a lot of readers who're sensible about drug-talk, and I don't wanna step you guys on the toes. I just saying my own opinion from what I've experienced lived and seen.
And you know what (this is a big surprise for myself too) but I didn't bring my phone with me any of the days to the festival. Say whaaaaat. Yes it's true. Why? Because the less things I bring, the less stuff I need to be worried about losing. Simple and smart. And I've actually never lived in the moment as much as I've done this weekend. Offline is really what I need.
This was crazily fun, let's do it again. 

Ooooh! Sometimes I get a good feeling


Don't block ppl

Omg everything IS happening for a reason.
The other day a guy from Brazil start talking to me. I was busy (on my phone, omg what kind of busy is that anyway?) and was super unfocused because I tried to text with my couchsurfing host to arrange where to get picked up, and probably texting with some others too and yeah I don't know what I was really up to, but anyway I wasn't focused on the moment and was on another planet. So this guy who started talking to me, and I just got bad vibes from him for some reason (honestly maybe because he was black? I'm absolutely not racist, but the blackblack people I have had any contact with have always been weird experience. True! Hong Kong couchsurfing, Uber in New York, 2 different photographers..) and I was just like hmmmmmyeahhmmmokokok can't he just leave? Yeah you can have my whatsapp. Okay bye I'll never see you again. He tried to text me on whatsapp later on and honestly I never ever do this, but I blocked him. I thought I'll never see him again, I have no interest in seeing him again, it doesn't matter if I block him.
At the security check in Managua airport, before I would leave the country, guess who I randomly stand behind in the line? Him! Omfg. The world is not THAT small. Why the hell would he be at the airport at the same time as me, and exactly in front of me? Can't be. How freaking random is this. Okay awkward situation. How to put this out to him that I blocked him? Okay so we started chitchatting. How have you been how do you like Nicaragua what have you been up to ohnononoo I didn't block you it's just something wrong with my whatsapp let's change subject and talk about something else. I spent 1h with him at the airport, he even invited my for some food when I told him I hadn't really eaten anything because I had used my last Nicaraguan colonees, and seriously he's a really really good guy!
I'm sure many of you think my Everything-Happens-For-a-Reason hippie philosophy is total crap. That I'm mention it WAAAY too much and believing in it way too hard. But can't you tell why I believe in it after stories like this? I believe the universe do stuff like that to me to become a better person step by step, to learn from it (universe probably do things to you guys too. To everyone. But not everyone sees it or understand how to take it and learn something from it).
But okay so what exactly did I learn from this story?
To 1) live in the moment, fuck the phone, if someone wanna have a conversation or interactions with me I shouldn't be stressed or busy on my phone. That internet world doesn't matter as much as this at the moment world.
2) don't judge people too fast. I always trust my instinct and I actually got surprised when I got bad vibes from this guy at the mall. Because it doesn't happen often. But I think I got it because I wasn't aware of the present.
3) don't fucking block or be rude to anyone in the believe you'll never see them again. It's a SMALL world.  

Hitch-hiking story

I've had it so badly rooted down in me to not hitch-hike. That's what society always told me - don't trust strangers. Which obviously includes to absolutely fucking not jump in a strangers car. But no one ever told me don't sleep in stranger's homes, don't do couchsurfing, so I guess that's why it wasn't such a big step for me to start doing it. But hitch-hiking is another story. I guess I've jumped in random people's cars with friends for short distances and so on, which is a way of hitch-hiking too, I guess. But my first actually thumb-up-hitch-hiking was in Costa Rica with two other girls. Which went great! All of the 4 times we did it. I always got told if I wanna start hitch-hiking I should do it in a country where I can speak the language, to get the right vibe from people. The girls did, so I got easy away with them. But on my own, I don't think that would be possible in Central America, and not the safest countries to do so either.. But oh well, destiny had other plans and wanted to challenge me..


 Fake-hitch-hiking in Mexico 1,5 years ago with Ted, just for the picture.

Today I fucked up coming back "home" from Leon. I took one of the chicken busses (red diabolo as they're called in Panama. Crazy busses, over filled with passengers, playing loud music, street sellers comes and goes in them selling food, I'm sure there's actually is chickens running around in the buses with a closer look, therefore the name chicken bus I guess?) in the morning, one of them going from Managua to Leon. I'm staying at a place on the way, outside Managua, and just jumped on the bus when it came by and got off it when a guy told me to get of it (which was confusing because he didn't tell me to get of at the bus terminal in Leon. No it was in the middle of the highway where I confused stood and was like eeeh okay this is not Leon? And my Google map wasn't working.. Omgomgomg I always relay on Google maps, so now what?! But I asked two random guys on the street Leoncentraaaadååå? And they pointed me a direction and after a few minutes I actually got to something looking like a city. Good! Who needs Google maps anyway when you got a mouth?) and it all was kind of easy. Which I expected the way back to be too.

I got a early bus, at 4PM because it was Sunday and the last bus would leave before the sunset so I wanted to be in good time. I got into a bus that said Managua, which was my direction. I sat there 20 minutes before leaving. I thought I could let the bus boy know about where I wanted to get of at the same time he would walk around in the bus collecting the money for the tickets when we once were driving. So I did. And he said that this bus wasn't going that way. What? Is there more than one way? Wtf. I'm on the wrong bus. Oh well, I just have to travel to the end station and figure out something there. Fun. Because bus terminals are crazy and always seems to be the bad area of towns. Plus it probably would be dark. Fun. But a lady started talking to me. Okay before I go on with the story, just have in mind that EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE, is doing communication with me in Spanish. And I'm not joking when I say I can't understand Spanish. I really can't. So I have no fucking idea of how all this actually worked out but whatever, let me tell the story, but just have in mind everything have been in Spanish. So she had some kind of idea of where I should get off and what different bus I should take instead of going to Managua. She even got 2 other ladies involved in this conversation. They all 3 are talking about what to do, what I should do. And somehow I understand that I should get of when the lady tells me to, and from the intersection there go with a bus that goes north. Okay. I get off when the breastfeeding lady tells me to, and it's in the middle of fucking nowhere. Like, it was so quiet there. I haven't had that peace in a long time anywhere. Well, I trusted her, so there I stood waiting for a bus.


I saw a volcano eruption meanwhile waiting and thought aaah everything happens for a reason, this is why I ended up here! But no that was just part of the reason.


A bus came. I told where I wanted to go and no, there's no bus from where I stood going to where I wanted to go. I had to take a bus from there to another place and from there take another bus and blablabla. At this time I didn't think it was fun anymore. Wtf. The sun was going down. I literally was in the middle of nowhere in a country where I can't speak the language and where everyone is looking at me like I'm a peace of meat. Fml. Oh well. What to do. I'll just wait for next bus. A old couple, who had 5 big bags and water tanks and shit waiting for a van at the bus stop, started talking to me. As I said, I have no idea how talking is possible with me because I'm just like eeeehehenoespanjol I don't understand but I always smile like an idiot, but I think that's exactly what makes people try to help and wanna understand me. Anyway they borrowed their phone to me, to call my couchsurfing host, they explained to him where I was and he told where he lived. The couple said I should follow with them on the next bus and they would help me on the way. Yeeeeh! But before that a random car pulled over and the driver asked something from them. They talked a little about whatever he wanted and then they asked him if he could drive me home. Which he could! Omg this is so what I should not do. Travel with a stranger for 60 km, in the sunset, and I don't even know if he would take me the right direction, and I can't even ask him. But my brain doesn't work like that. I have a feeling with people. I've got different kind of nice offers during my journey that I've chose to declined when I have a bad vibe from the person. But this man gave me a neutral vibe (which I decided in half a second), plus the couple gave me good vibes and I knew they wouldn't let me jump in a car that would be dangerous. So I jumped in his car.


And yes he drew me all the way home. He even had water and snacks for me. Super sweet! But honestly, the whole situation was creepy. Or no, not for me because I don't know what's wrong with me but I just can make any dangerous or weird situation to something good, but a normal person would have freaked out. When you're alone in a car with a fat man, who wanna talk and you don't understand each other more than understanding he's extremely interested in to know if you have a boyfriend and what underwear you're wearing, and wants to be fed by you with the chips he got in the car. He wanted to hold my hands and was just weird. And he said he had a wife that he didn't like but I had to be quite in the car when he called her. He wanted to invite me for food on the way, and asking if I wanted to have a drink or something. Nononon mi no alchol, mi have to go to mi amiga. So yeah well. And when letting me off at my destination he really badly wanted to get a kiss. That's a weird situation YES. And I'm incredible bad saying no to people, always laughing away shit in uncomfortable situations, so I made the whole ride just that way and it was alright. I didn't feel scared or anything. I'm sure he was harmless, just fascinated and in love with this blondie who looks like Barbie (that's what a old old lady wanted to say to me at a mall the other day, she came walking with a female security guard that could help her to say that I'm Barbie. AAAAW!!) at his side. The thing is tough, that I know I can put myself in worse situations with playing along with people. I'm such a nice person and sometimes, okay honestly pretty often, people get way wrong impression or expectations of my intentions. Maybe he actually thought I was interested in him when I absolutely wasn't and just behaved as I always behave. Happy smile and giggly.


No he did not get his kiss and he didn't get to see my underwear. And nothing bad happened. The lady I borrowed the phone from even was so concerned that she called my host later on to tell him I had got into a car and was on my way. Anyway I feel if I could handle a hitch-hiking experience like that, I definitely can handle most others. But probably in a country where I can communicate.


Summary of it all, everything happens for a reason and I once again got it confirmed language doesn't mean shit in the end, everything works always out, and don't be scared to trust people because there's more good than bad in this world. Det är ingen konst att vara modig om man inte är rädd..


Nicaragua is a volcanic country. I've seen, explored and been to and on volcanos before on Lanzarote and New Zealand. But Nicaragua's volcanos are way different. Unfortunately there's a lot of activity going on in the big ones, so hiking on them is a bit limited right now.. But since the whole country is filled with volcanos there's a lot else to do with them! I've been busy swimming in two of the many craters, trying out volcano-steam-sauna, and just admire the massive volcanos from a distance. On this picture I just got dressed after a dip in the beautiful volcanic lake Laguna De Apoyo. 

Beach day

I went to my first Nicaraguan beach today. Not the partyhard typical backpacker beach down in the south, no I went with my couchsurfing host to Masachapa. A beach with only locals, which today involved 5 crazy kids that was so fascinating by me. I spent two hours with them, without be able to really communicate with them (fcking hell I need to learn Spanish!!!). But building sandcastles and collecting sea shells is a universal language, so we had a lot of fun without understanding each other's verbal language. #nowordsneeded. 
Lol I made a pretty heart out of shells and wanted to have my feet in the picture. You know, like pretty Instagram girly girl wow picture. The problem is tough, that my feet are the ugliest feet in the world. First of all I have 10 toes, yes that's good. But counting the size of them it would add up to in total 5 toes because their so short. My middle toes are even missing a joint or bone or something in the middle of them. And at the moment I actually only have 5 out of 10 toe nails. Haha omg I know wtf. So not Instagram worthy feet. Blog worthy yes, because I don't care however you guys judge me, because you know me and know I'm more than some ugly feet. Right? 


 I wrote this after 15 hours in Manuaga, Nicaragua .
So my trip to Nicaragua didn't start so good. Or lets say my Costa Rica time didn't end so good. I lost money. Again. Wtf. First New York where I wasted way too much on a fucking Uber idiot and shuttle bus shit (honestly I haven't written it down here because it's so fucking embarrassing, but I was forced to spend 180$ to get from JFK airport to New Jersey, which should cost maximum around 40-70$. Like seriously) , and now, in Costa Rica where I've got robbed straight out of my backpack. Which was in the fucking bus trunk. How the hell can anyone get in there, among the other bags, open mine, find my document case and find my in total 100 dollars in there. Fucking idiots. The thing is, that I exactly know who the idiot was. Or I have a feeling. The overfriendly worker at the Tica Bus Terminal in San Jose, who saw me getting money out of my bag. The guy who waived me goodbye. No wonder he was so fucking happy saying bye bye when he had got 100$ out of me. So somehow I badly blame myself for it, because he saw I got money out of my bag, and I been too naive believing the Costa Ricans are no thiefs and my bag would be okay in the bus luggage room. Wish it ofc should have been, but this is not Scandinavia, it's Central America... I wasn't careful enough. Lesson learned, the hard way. Again.
But okay, honestly I don't know if it was him. It could have happened anywhere and anytime during the way from San Jose to the Nicaragua boarder. It was at the border crossing (which btw went smoother and easier than the Panama-Costa Rica crossing. On that one they first got us all take our bags out of the bus on the Panama side, do the check-out-of-country-passport-control, then go in to a small room where we all had to line up our bags and they got the police-dog to go through them, after that they still wanted to check all bags by hand to check there wasn't anything suspicious, then let us walk a few blocks to get over the boarder, do the passport control on the Costa Rican side, then check the bags by hand again, and then up in the bus and away. About 90 minutes I reckon that took. The boarder crossing Costa Rica - Nicaragua took maximum 45 min. They let us off the bus at the boarder, let us do the exit-passport control, taking our bags, putting them through a scanner, and then we was told to give money and our passport to the bus driver and he organised the stamps for us. Smooth.) wher I noticed my bag was open and I was wtffffffffckfuckfuckfuck is this?! And the money was gone. I have 3 credit cards with me, and one of them was together with the money, but it was still there. They only wanted fast cash, they got it. I was so angry. I was crying. I told the bus driver and the classical excuse "no iiinglish" was easy for him to use when he didn't wanna bother about my problems. After crying and beating myself up, I got over it. Everything happens for a reason. Karma is a bitch and will get that motherfucker. So whatever. I'll do a police report when I arrive to Nicaragua and hopefully the insurance company can help me out on the loss. However I can do a police report in a country I can't speak the language, and is it even worth bothering doing it for so little money anyway? I don't know but I was so pissed I wanted to try anyway.
When I got to Managua, my stop in Nicaragua, I noticed one of my shoes were missing too, but I was so pissed that I didn't bother looking if it was stolen too or just lost in the bus. I went to the front desk at the busterminal and asked them what to do about my situation, if I can make a report with them or go to the police. They didn't understand shit, no inglishhhh, so I decided police it is. My couchsurfing host meet up with me, took me to the station to make the report and he was soooo helpful. I could never made it without him. Amazing guy!! And the police. I was prepared on meeting corrupt idiots, like in Indonesia, but no. They take their job serious. They even called the bus company, Tica Bus, to talk to them, where they first couldn't even find any info about that I've been on the bus, and the girls at the desk said they didn't "remember me" (I mean wtf, it was one hour ago they talked to the probably only English speaking blondie they seen for a week and they didn't "remember" me. Bullshit. But they told the police I could come back and they would "help" me. Bullshit.). One hour later I got my police report and was done. Closing this shitty chapter and story how I lost one shoe and 100$. So any random world travelling readers who randomly found my blog, be careful with your money on the Tica Bus. And fuck Tica Bus, there's cheaper ways to get from country to country in Central America anyway.
Overall, Nicaragua is way different than Costa Rica and Panama. Waaaay. I knew it would be cheaper, therefore poorer, but yeah I didn't prepare on that it would be so poor. I mean, they use a lot of skinny poor horses as transportation (like yeah I'm in the capital city and they ride around with horses that they just park on the side of the road. I've never seen that anywhere else in the world), it's dirty, it's dry, it's just yeah, different. I don't feel too good here after my first day. I don't know why, I just don't. It can do with the money-loss start, but whatever reason, I don't know. But I hope I'll get it going and will like it. I wanna like it.
I've also realised that I shouldn't and probably will not use my ticket to Honduras, to San Pedro Sula, to the most dangerous city in the world, on Sunday. I got a bus ticket there, I got a couchsurfing host there. Man, I even have a fucking flight ticket out of there! It's all set and ready. And yes I've been listening to the horror stories about the country, but I've waived them away saying I'll be alright. But when latinos, spanish speaking people, say they feel unsafe there, that there's dead bodies on the street, taxi drivers get shoot in front of you, it's 171 people each DAY who gets killed there randomly, then I really had to ask myself why the fuck do I need to go there? And for only 3 days, is it worth it? No it's not. The day I can get around speaking at least a little bit Spanish, when I have more time to spend in the country, that's the day I should go there. Not now. I thought I would be alright, I felt that, but now something in my gut just says no. It's not to play with.
After 24 hours in Manuaga I'm writing this. I wanna publish it in the same blog post as what I wrote here above, just because I'm surprising myself with what huge contrast I can have in my mind in just a few hours apart.
So this morning my couchsurfing host dropped me of in the city, at a big market, on his way to work. You guys who've been to Asia know how markets are in poor countries. It's crazy. It's huge, it's tight, it's smelly, it's packed, it's food everywhere, fresh meat, living chickens, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, it's random things, it's shampoo, bags, shoes, make-up, clothes, everyfuckingthing you can imagine crammed into a area which involves both inside and outside. It's like a extreme maze, it's hard to find out from or know what way you just came from. It's crazy much people, and here on this one in Managua it was ONLY local people, and so intense. I was overwhelmed. Big time. And especially when I tried to get my breakfast figured out in there, in any of the food places, and the 3 first "restaurants" I talked to didn't understand me what so ever, I really felt bad. Finally I found a place in there, she understood me and I could pay with dollars. I ate some really delicious food I pointed out I wanted from the counter, together with a super sweet and good coffee, paid around 3,5$ for it and my mood was better. I've been to markets like this before, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, but I've never felt so misplaced. Nicaragua don't seem to have tourist. Especially not solo travelling blondies.
My host had suggested me to take a bus to the more touristy area after checking out the market. It was far away so no I should not walk, just catch the bus 164. But I felt so uncomfortable and I know I looked insecure and especially would if I would start looking for the bus. So I did what's the best I can do when I'm insecure in a country - I start walking. I used Google maps and walked for hours and hours. Every km I felt better and better. When I walk I get a feeling of a place, about people's mentality, what's the cost in the supermarket, are people helpful, what way are they looking at me, how do they live, what do they do, how is this country? And I started slowly understand Nicaragua during this walk. This is exactly how I felt in Panama my first days on my own without my host. I was "scared" because I felt insecure, because I didn't know anything about the mentality of the country's people. But I spent a day walking there and after that I felt good and started liking the country.
Yes Nicaragua is poor. I have seen one white tourist during 24 hours. The people, they feel okay. Not as open and friendly as Ticos (Costa Rican ppl) where I always got a smile from everyone I gave it to. The men, acts crazy when they see me. Crazy. I said that about Panama too, but this is even more extreme, and I didn't realise that was even possible. It's exactly like my Facebook fanpage but in real life. They use the few English words they know and it comes out in random order. Bye my friend hello my lover guappa gringa mi amor. They talk to me like I'm an animal, making sssh tsss ksss chhhhs sounds to get my attention. Doesn't matter if they are on the other side of the street, in a car, in a shop, they wanna make sure to scream or whistle after me. And I kept a low profile, with a cap on my head with all my blonde hair tucked in under it. But they still could see I was a "gringa". I badly wish I somehow could record how they behave, to show how incredible crazy they are on me, but I really trying to keep a low profile not looking like a tourist flashing around with my camera or phone. Therefore I only have so few pictures to show so far too.
Anyway, thank God I'm feeling better in this country now than how I felt the first hours. Now I'm sure I'll enjoy my few days exploring it instead of thinking about leaving it earlier than originally planned.

Until the darkness killed the light


Costa Rica Overview

Jag har jobbat på denhär random Costa Rica-i-snabbhet listan sådär smått varefter under mina 18 dagar i landet. Och eftersom jag lämnar det igår (whaaat?) passar det väl bra att publicera den nu?
- Jag älskar det och känner mej som "hemma" fast jag inte kan spanska.
- Jag vill lära mej spanska, I'll be back for that.
- Costa Ricas djurliv och natur är amazing. Alltså, jag har ju aldrig varit i något land med sånt exotiskt djurliv som här. I mean, alla pratar om att Australiens djur är otroliga, men inget i jämförelse med dethär landet! Stora iguanas överallt, kikar ut ur buss fönstret när vi krossade en bro och ser en krokodil, fågellivet är otroligt, apor och sengångare är lite överallt, och det finns leoparder och pumor man kan se om man har riktigt riktigt riktigt tur.
- Det är inte billigt. Det är inte South Asia. Priserna är typ som i Finland, eller mer som i Amerika. En färsk juice på en restaurang eller krog kostar runt 3$+, en måltid kostar som billigaste 7$+, en redbull kostar 2,5$, 100g peanuts går på runt 2$.. Köpte en Subway sandwich en dag, sub of the day, o den kostade 3,5$, de andra alternativen kostade 7$+. Hostells och utflykter osv har jag ingen aning om priserna. Men jag tycker iaf inte det är billigt att leva här och det är alltid samtals ämnet när jag pratat med andrs turister över prischocken. Men public transportation är dock billigt! Bussa inne i stan kostar typ 60 cent, en 200 km bussresa betala jag 7$ för, en 60 minuters båt-färja kostade 1,5$.
- Det känns tryggt. Helt seriöst. Typ i form med hur man känner sig i syd Asien. Nä eller faktiskt, jag har nog känt mej mera otrygg flera gånger i Asien än här?
- Jag har ju alltid sagt här på bloggen jag inte bryr mej i någons utsida (män alltså, brudar älskar jag spana på och avgöra om jag tycker e snygga eller inte) för jag ser så sällan någon som är wow-snygg som man bara vill vända runt och se på, men här.. Alltså omg. Jag blir kär varje dag. Jag visste verkligen inte jag var svag för latinos men omg det är någ speciellt med dem, iaf Costa Ricanerna (som kallas Ticos). Något i ögonen. Hmmm. Så yes, killarna i dethär landet är NAM.
- De flesta är klädda väldigt sådär "extrem-sport-stil", alltså typ keps, FOX Billabong Roxy Hurley kläder. Sådär surf, motorbike stil. Kanske därför jag älskar killarna och dethär landet?
- Jag har inte blivit erbjuden droger av någon okänd på gatan en endaste gång. Jag trodde central America var full med droger? Nej.
- Alla är glada och hjälpsamma. Jag tänkte faktiskt på det här om dagen att inte en endaste gång när jag frågat om hjälp (på engelska) har jag blivit avvisad. I vissa länder blir personerna osäkra när de inte kan engelska och ignorerar ens bedjande om hjälp, men här gör alla sitt bästa att hjälpa fast vi inte förstår varandras språk.
- Jag har varit 18 dagar i Costa Rica och spenderat runt 110$. Yes, landet är DYRT, och yes jag är extreeeemt duktig med pengar och har varit lycklig med att ha otroliga människor runt mej. Budget backpacking säger att man reser Costa Rica på en dags budget på 35-40$, som BILLIGASTE och de e inte inräknat med utflykter osv. I know, I'm pretty fucking good och det levande beviset på att pengar är ingen ursäkt till att inte resa.
- Kusten är svettig, alltså så jävla svettig. Jag kan inte minnas när jag senaste var någonstans luftfuktigheten var såhär hög. Ni vet när man precis duschat o man aldrig riktigt torkar för man blir direkt svettig igen?
- Om man vill ha en ny kompis är det bara att sätta sig på en parkbänk i centrum och vänta en stund innan nån kommer och vill vara social.
 Typ dehär på bilderna. Han ena killen bjöd mej randomly på middag efter att vi började prata min sista dag i Costa Rica när jag satt med min backpack i stan. Gubben var en 75 årig x-airforce Amerikan som jag träffade en dag som tog hand om mej o körde mej till och från stan, lät mej sova sista natten hos honom, bjöd mej på mat o va super cool dude! De sista gänget är mina första vänner i Costa Rica efter jag varit 1 timme i landet och mött upp med min host.
- Jag började tänka över det, och jag tror faktiskt dethär är det enda landet i världen jag inte ens behöver tänka en sekund innan jag säger hej, eller vinkar, eller ler, till någon jag har ögonkontakt med. Det kommer helt naturligt, till allt och alla. Herrar, damer, barn, killar, tjejer, hundar.. Jag vet inte om det bara har något med mitt egna självförtroende att göra, men iaf vet jag att jag alltid normalt "läser av" en person och avgör om jag borde säga hej eller inte. För jag hatar den avvisande feelisen när någon inte hälsar tillbaka och bara glor konstigt på en.
- Costa Rica har ingen militär. Det är därför de själva tror är orsaken till att de är ett sånt otroligt land och chill människor.
- Man kan och SKA säga "Pura Vida" till ALLT.  
- Rice & Beans är national rätten som de äter dygnets alla timmar, med eller utan tillbehör, om de har lust.
- Jag älskar plantaines. Det är en frukt jag aldrig sett någon annanstans i världen, men det ser ut som bananer så kan vara orsaken jag aldrig "sett" dem innan. Man steker dem i olja och beroende på om man använder en mogen eller övermogen så blir de olika söta och serveras tillsammans med sin måltid. De gör också plantaine chips som jag äääälskar.
Sådär kan en spontan backpacker lunch se ut efter en hel dags hike i solen när det behövs snabb påfyllning i kroppen. Carbs, fat & protein ala plantaines chips, knackorv, banan och en juice. Eh ne inte så hälsosamt, men ok. Runt 4$.
- Jag upptäckte redan under Caminon hur spanska mat kulturer är, och det mesta ska friteras eller stekas i extremt mycket olja. Här är inget undantag. De sätter till och med en massa olja när de kokar ris, vilket blir sjukt gott, men jag har aldrig sett det någon annanstans i världen. Tack vare deras fritös-kultur är många tjocka. Alltså såndär fett-tjocka. Såndär extrem mage och röv. Precis som i Spanien.
 Jag har sagt det enough, I know..
Men jag ÄLSKAR Costa Rica!

Backpack vs Suitcase?

I wonder how I seriously have been able to travel, to backpack, with a suitcase through all these years. Like seriously, how did I make it? The freedom I have with having my life on my back and not in a box on weel is incredible. Like for example a morning the other day when it was time for me to keep on travelling Costa Rica and I had to take a bus to another town. My couchsurfing host went to work already 6AM so he couldn't drive me with his motorbike (which also is million times easier with a backpacker instead of a suitcase) to the busterminal. So I decided to walk the 4km to get there. Okay sounds honestly like nothing, which it also is since I'm used to walk with weight on my back, but in this weather 4km feels like 10km. Not kidding. I could have taken a taxi or hitch-hiked, but I wanted walk(no one ever understands my need of walking, not me either) so I did it. If I would have had a suitcase I would still have had the feeling and mood to walk, and I probably would have actually walked it (haha eh yeah like in Vietnam I've been dragging on that fucking suitcase for kilometres just because I want to walk and I don't want to take taxis even if it's almost free), but anyway I just feel so free to have my life on my back. When I got to the busterminal they said it was still another 90 minutes until the bus would leave. What to do? With a suitcase I probably would have sat down and waited, with a backpack I could spend my waiting time however I wanted. Which was walking around, hanging out in the supermarket, walk to the ocean and chill there. Freedom.
I've never travelled with a backpack before the Camino walk. Or yes, in Cambodia for 2 weeks when I left my suitcase in Vietnam. But all other times it always been with a suitcase, because I thought that just was better. Well yes I guess it is, if you go on short trips with the vacation mode put on your mind, or if you're on a long living-in-one-place-for-some-time-trips where you wanna bring a lot of stuff with you and create a little base and yeah.. Like America and Australia I enjoyed travelling with a suitcase. And small trips too, when it's not about travelling cheap and complicated. But the rest of the world, naah. When you will be lost in new cities, when you wanna take the public transportation, when you wanna be impulsive, when you simply just wanna be a backpacker and not a tourist - then pack your backpack and leave your suitcase at home.


Montezuma fuma

Okay okay okay I'm not kidnapped! I'm still alive. No need to worry. I could say the truth that I haven't had any WiFi and therefore no updates, but I rather wanna say I've just been busy living. Because I actually been. And last few days I've been living the hippie, surf, nature, jungle, artist, rastaman, hitchhiking, creator, healthy, beach-lifestyle. I know, sounds pretty busy right. This is a few mobile pics I can give you from the days.  
So I got stuck in Montezuma. Not like literally stuck, not help-I-can't-get-out-of-here, more like that fall-in-love-I-never-wanna-leave-stuck. I knew I would love it, but I have a feeling I found my new favourite place on this earth and I wasn't prepared on that. Montezuma is like Byron Bay before the backpackers took over. Montezuma is like Venice Beach most have been maaany maaany years ago. Montezuma is like Christiania but with beaches. Montezuma is the same vibe as it most been in Nimbin before it turned into being a tourist attraction. Montezuma is like Koh Rong before the party backpackers found it. Montezuma is exactly what I've wished for, a paradise with open minded people, artists, living in harmony with the nature, where the backpacker crowds haven't got to yet. Yes there's tourism, but it's extremely little ane not yet destroyed by it. It's authentic, it's real vibes, it's amazing.
I've been sleeping in a hammock the last week. I'm filled with mosquito bites (like seriously, just one of my hands got 11 bites. I'm surprised if I have NOT got any illness from them.. But yeah I guess yolo?) Two European girls got my hitchhiking career going (#bucketlistcheck! Don't know why I've been scared starting hitchhiking when I'm totally fine sleeping in stranger's home? Well from now on I have a feeling I'll love hitchhiking as much as couchsurfing. Sorry mom!). I've surfed. I love it. Love love love. I wanna learn it and get properly good at it. I've spent hours wandering amazingly beautiful beaches (and I'm not easily impressed by beaches anymore after seeing them for years). I've creating bracelets. I've been swimming in waterfalls. Climbing hills. I've collected way to many shells. I've created friendships. I've hanged out with strangers. I've learned how to prepare plantaines. I've been eating the best pineapples in the world (or well, I've never had such good pineapples in the whole world as the ones in Central America. Love) every day. I've just been super extremely awesomely chill. Like I've had stress from being in love with Costa Rica and there's so many places I wished to see in such a little time. But spending my last week in one place was exactly the opposite from rushing around making been-there-done-that-tourist-places-stops and I'm so happy I just enjoyed and relaxed. Exactly what I needed.

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