Live the Yacht Week

Minns ni jag skrev lite hastigt och lustigt om min crazy party week ute till sjöss i Grekland? Aah jo jaa jag kunde och kan fortfarande inte sätta ord på den veckan. Men en party trailer har just släppts som rätt bra förklarar och ger känslan av what Yacht Week really is all about.. 
Tycker du det såg sjukt kul ut? Well then, just FUCKING DO IT! De har rutter i Grekland, Kroatien, BVI, Thailand och flera än så har jag för mej.. Värt varenda jävla euro, så jävla kul och minnen, vänner och kärlek för livet.
Och på tal om fest, vänner och kärlek... Det är precis det som händer i helgen och just därför jag just nu i New York. För att fira Halloween med de craziest party ppl on this planet, som jag festade Yacht Week och Tomorrowland med.. Det är time för en Good Life Crew reunion!


Hong Kong

 I've now had 3 nights in Hong Kong and I really wish I could say I like it more than what I did 1,5 year ago but nope not really. I thought I did, the 2 first days I did hikes to the Peak (which was the only reason I liked Hong Kong last time), hang out with some friends, having bbq, chilled and I thought oh well HK is not that bad after all? Yesterday I went for a walk around by myself and I definitely got back that feeling of why I just don't feel much for HK. But it was definitely good to have a few days here again, seeing it with a bit different eyes than first time! 

The Japan List

 I got a little fast fact Japanese list for you about what I've found out and think about this lovely country during these 12 days I've been here! Can't promise everything is true fact, just what I've self heard and experienced. I've put the prices in € because I bet you guys don't have a clue about yen (but FYI 100 yen is around 1$, around 0,8€ )
- Most of the Japanese toilets are super high tech. It's standard to have a toilet with heated seating, flushing-your-butt functions, and a privacy-button which plays music or water sound. Haha sick.
- It's easy to find public toilets for free at train, metro or subway stations, or in parks. I LOVE that! Do you know what a public restroom costs at Kamppi busstation in Helsinki? 1,5€!!!! Wtf Finland...
- Japanese people are the most service minded people I've ever come across. They treat every customer like it would be the king or queen. Bowing is standard.
- Everything is CLEAN. No rubbish on the street even if it's million ppl cities. And it's actually really hard to find public rubbish bins outside on the streets, but in kiosk and stations there is if you search for them.
- Breaking the rules just don't happen. If the traffic light is red and there's no cars around a Japanese person will stand there until it's green light and it's legally okay to cross the street.
- Japan is ridiculous expensive. I've never been in a country that I have found that is this expensive to travel in. It's NOT THE most expensive country I've travelled in, but I think I wasn't mentally prepared on how expensive it is here and just therefore having the omfgitissoexpensive-feeling.
- Taking a single city busride cost minimum around 2€, and if you have to change bus you'll need to buy another ticket. This will add up in a lot of money to just get to one plsce.. A one-day subway pass costed around 6€ in Nagoya, which I think it's fair enough. The bullet train from Nagoya to Tokyo (around 350 km) cost minimum 110€. I think THAT is sickly expensive. I wanted to go for a hike one day, which would been around maybe 50 km away but decided not to because the public transportation travel costs would have been around 40€ each way.
- If you will travel Japan, and are not a millioner, you have to buy a train pass to get around saving a little bit of money. I did not since I spent so few days in the country and just focused on 3 cities, but I definitely will do so next time. Unlimited train passes starts around 250€ for specific areas.
- Getting around with highway buses is the cheapest long distance travel options without rail pass. I got my 2,5 h Kyoto to Nagoya for 25€, and a 6,5 h nightbus Nagoya to Tokyo for 35€ (train 110€). Tokyo to Narita airport 70 min 9€ (train 30€)
- I've never seen as many Finnish stores in a country outside of Finland as in Japan. Nope not even Sweden or Norway. I walked buy a lot of stores with Finnish name (for example "Otan Tämän" and another one "Minä Perhonen") and I found Iitala stores and Marimekko. And once a day I saw at least one person with a Marimekko bag. But fair enough, I saw minimum 10 a day with a Fjällräven backpack but yeah.. And Moomin stuff everywhere!
- I got to hear that 7/11 comes from Japan (and is named 7/11 because that's the time they thought kiosk are open in the western countries) (I Googled about it and turns out that non of that is true, but I liked the idea) and you can find it everywhere and anywhere (30% of the worlds 7/11 are in Japan, fact!) and they sell most necessary daily use products. Even ties and stockings for the ones who forgot it and are running late to work. Prepared meal package with a big variety is also to be found. A sushi pack with 4 rolls cost around 3€ and a noodle sallad around 4€. And they actually do taste good! Eating at 7/11 is absolutely most budget friendly option. They also got tables to eat at and free WiFi.
- I haven't seen a lot of grocery stores around. I always check out grocery stores when I travel because I just love walking around in them and look at everything haha. But as said, there is a lot of 7/11 and other kiosks.
- A traditional Japanese 8 course high end dinner cost around 80€ per person. Eating out at a standard cheapish restaurant cost from around 15€ and up.
- Japanese have so much crazy shit that feels like should be standard for us western ppl too. Like heated bathroom mirrors - no more foggy mirrors after a long shower! How smart?
- They remove their shoes every where. Even the homeless ppl remove their shoes before they walk "into" their little cardboard box homes. And btw I saw maybe 10 homeless ppl , and I spent time in cities that have a higher population than the whole Finland..
- There's female sections in the train to avoid the men grabbing and touching female passengers.
- First time I walked in to a Japanese casino was the most fucked up feeling I've ever experienced for the 30 seconds I was in there. To describe it I just can say it felt like I was on E and start trippin' really really really bad. Doesn't sound so bad but I really can't put words on it. The noise level of hundred machines screaming in different tones and noise in at least 100 decibels , and on top of that the bright colours flashing and blinking. Still doesn't sound bad. My face on the pic doesn't even show how fucked up I felt being in there either. 30 seconds and we were out of there.
- Capsule/cabin hotels were from the beginning made for business men who been out partying and didn't wanna go home for the night before getting back to work.
- BTW to make clear what a capsule hotel is (on the picture).. It is a hotel filled with just small capsules that you crawl into and sleep in. Super cool! There's mostly separate floors for guys and women.
- I never felt unsafe in Japan. NEVER
- Slurping isn't something rude or someone with no manners does. Slurping soups or noodles is to get the most out of the aromas and taste from the dish. I hate ppl who are noisy eaters and I really had to control myself whenever I sat next to someone eating.
- I saw very little western tourists, or call it white ppl, and I did absolutely not see many in my age. Not really a backpacker country? The most touristy place I saw was at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.
- It's not in the Japanese culture to help a stranger. My CS host told me that they only would help someone if the person would ask for help, and if it's someone who's drunk they have the "they can blame themselves" mentality and not interested in helping. I got this confirmed in Shibuya, at one of the world's absolutely busiest road crossings, when a young woman (sober tough, just busy) ran and tripped, falling down on the concrete in front of everyone who had stopped waiting for green light. Even if I wasn't the one closest to her I was the first walking up to her asking how she was and helping her up. 2-3 others joined me shortly to help her, but it was clear it wasn't a natural thing, as it is for example me, for the people around to check if she were okay.

- Japanese loves their beauty products. I invested in some natural products to use on my skin and are excited to see how it works. Tea tree oil for acne, horse oil (YES it really is oil from horses. Craziest shit ever so I just couldn't resist) as moisturiser and scars, and a water based exfoliating face wash (Japan's, the world's, most selling face wash with 1 sold every 12th second. Haha couldn't even find it on the shelfs in the pharmacy because they don't seem to bother filling it up since they just gets sold out all the time, so I had to ask for one).

 - The Japanese are kinky as fuck. I've been into sex shops around the globe but I never been to sex shops where there is 5 floors filled with porn dvds in any category. Bondage, poop, puke, piss, hair fetishism, over size, kid looking type, rape, basement, public transportation, cartoon.. Omg those Japanese got some fucked up fantasy I can tell u. But no western or gay pornos, only Asians. And nobody in these shops were ashamed of being there. No no no, casually looking into which dvd to buy home, no biggy
- C told me there is rumours that in Japan you can buy used undies from vending machines. Haha that can't be right? But oh yes we found them in the sex shops. It's true. You can buy one pair of used undies from a random girl for less than 10€. Or a whole bag with mixed used ones for around 50€. Or you could even buy a porn dvd, get a picture and autograph plus used undies from the pornstar from the movie! Good deal I guess?
- There is a lot of weird places and districts in Tokyo. You can find anything and everything and somebody who thinks they've seen crazy shit in Amsterdam or Thailand or wherever have seen nothing before they've seen Tokyo. Tokyo is FUCKED UP. In a crazy good way. But I had incredible many moments I felt like whatthefuck and felt soooo uncomfortable. Not in a bad scared uncomfortable way, just in a incredible fucked up way. Yes as you can tell, I can't really describe that feeling or put words on it.. And I'm definitely not the sensitive kind of person who feels uncomfortable from small things. I mean I absolutely don't feel weird being in a pornshop looking at poop sex, but eating ice cream at a Maid café felt just weird. The times I felt that way, that thinking I don't know if this is super fucked up cool or just super fucked up as in suuuper fucked up, was around the Golden Guy district (100s of mini mini mini bars that could fit like 8 person in each), in the Manga district Akihabara (with Manga porn, Maid Cafés, casinos, game neerds and 110% weirdos), Shinjuku with all the flashing lights and weird vibes of prostitution hostess club and fucked Japanese business men.
- What didn't feel so weird after seeing the fucked up side of Tokyo, was visiting a hedgehog cafe. Haha, only in Japan this would be something.. You pay for a 30 minutes session, choosing a hedgehog and playing with it for your time and that's about it. I wouldn't supported this if I wouldn't felt like the animals was right treated.
- I also visited a cat cafe with the same idea as the hedgehog cafe. Or well, cats got their own will so you don't get to choose one to hang out with, you just go there and let them hang out with you. Cat cafes seems to be found a little bit everywhere.
- I've been in big big big cities before with skyscrapers and big buildingscreen (like New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Panama..). But nothing is like Tokyo. Watching the world from the famous New York Grill (seen the Lost in Translation movie? That's the place where it got recorded) was breathtaking. I'm able to get that feeling from nature but it's extremely rare I get it from looking at a city, but seeing Tokyo wow.. Seeing lights and skyscrapers as long as the eye can see is extremely wow.
I've travelled for 6 years but I can say I'll never see the world the same way again after spending a few days in Japan, especially Tokyo. It's amazingly crazy and even if I have hard for liking a big city, Tokyo is really so fucked up crazy it's hard to not love. And hard to explain. I know I'll travel Japan again one day, and that time I hopefully take more time to explore their amazing nature.

Tokyo - Basic

Let me hit you up with some keywords for these pictures from my 3 basic budget Tokyo days. 7/11 sushi, capsule hotel, walking sightseeing, funky, mesmerising, Japanese stores, Tokyo madness, people, skyscrapers, Finland love, cute socks, shopping, horse oil, backpacking.

Basic & High End

Wow. I will never see the world the same after spending time Tokyo. What a crazy city.
I've been 6 days here and I will definitely share my pictures with you, but I really need to make two different blog posts from these days because I've lived pretty much as budget basic as you can do here , and I've lived the way over average standard. I feel so incredibly blessed I got to experience both sides of travelling in this big city.
 From a capsule in a dorm at a cabin hotel to a massive room at a premium floor at high end hotel. Yeah what can I say. I love anything and everything.


"The question is not what you
look at, but what you see."

Welcome to Tokyo

This morning this girl walked together with the 6AM sunrise into the world's biggest city.. HELLO TOKYO!! I was surprisingly excited to get there, especially because I was totally smashed after my adventurous side decided it was a good idea to take a over night bus (where I got 0 minutes of sleep) for 35$ instead of the 2h bullet train for 110$, aaaand to walk 8km from the bus station to the hotel. But I have to say it was a pretty cool feeling to walk into this crazily big city when it's empty a early Sunday morning .




Randomly ended up in Kyoto, Japan.

Kuusamo Karhunkierros

Jaa så var vi hemma från vår lilla Lapplandsvandring i Kuusamo!
Målet var ju att alltså tillsammans med min kära mor gå Finlands populäraste hike, den 82 kilometer långa Karhunkierros. 82 km kändes ju liksom som en klacksparck för mej. 82 kilometer går man ju på 2 dagar om man vill, så när mamma övertalade mej till att vi skulle dra ut den på 4 dagar kändes det väldigt sådär whatnobutwhyyyyyyyyy. Men okej då. Och tackguu för att hon fick mej övertalat till det. Liksom bara för att jag för mindre än ett år sen kunde gå 20,30,40,whateverIwant km om dagen betyder det ju inte att min kropp håller till dit idag. Eh nej.
Vi startade vandringen från Ruka, alltså egentligen var hiken slutar, och gick mot polcirkeln i Hautajärvi. Den första dagen kom vi 15 km på 9 timmar. Alltså.... What happend there? Om vi säger såhär, det var fan hårt. Men resten av dagarna var lättare och inte fylld med en massa upp och ner klättringar (fast jo det var endå en hel del).
Naturen var helt underbart omväxlande. Det kändes verkligen som det bästa av Finlands natur var inklämt på dehär 80 kilometrarna. Tusen sjöars land, myrmarker, djupa skogar och olika sorters skogar (omg jaaa jag har ju sagt i Finland finns det ju bara skog, och det håller jag verkligen fortfarande med om, men det finns faktiskt olika typer av skogar!), älvar, bäckar, och jaa allt. Men mest skog såklart.
Med i min packning hade jag ju min nya sov-hängmatta TicketToTheMoon. Och alltså YES, det är absolut min nya favorit grej. Världens lättaste grej att hänga upp typ var som helst. Tar 2 minuter så hänger den där. Looooove it.

Och det var den jag sov i om nätterna. Inomhus. Haha jaa faktiskt. Mamma hade med ett tält och jag hade med hängmattan så vi kunde campa utomhus om det behövdes. På Karhunkierros finns det ett par super mysiga öppna stugor på vägen som man gärna får övernatta i. Det ryms typ mellan 4-15 personer i dem, beroende på stugan, och som tur fick vi plats alla nätterna i stugorna (för det var ju skiiiit kallt på nätterna. Sov i hängmattan i skogen vid parkeringsplatsen första natten vi kom till Kuusamo, dagen innan vi började vandra, och kan ärligttalat säga jag inte sov många timmar den natten...). Men istället för att ligga på sovbänkarna hängde jag bara upp hängmattan i någon spik eller balk och hängde i den hela natten. Perfekt.
 Jaa what else? Vi kokade mat på mitt älskade lilla kok-kök, BioLite. Jag köpte ju den inför Camino vandringen förra året, men då släpade jag ärligttalat på den 2,5 kg klumpen rätt så i onödan. Jag använde den kanske 10 gånger då. Men nu har jag uppenbart lärt mej tekniken med den och tycker den är skit kul att koka upp en kopp te på, eller steka köttbullar eller pasta eller whatever.
Eller bara koka dricks vatten på! På stigen finns inga vatten-stationer, meeeeen this is Finland - så om man känner sig törstig sticker man bara ner vattenflaskan i närmaste å eller sjö. Alltså omg hur härligt? Och att sjövattnet faktiskt smakade bättre än många länders kranvatten gav också ett såntdär #IloveFinland moment. Men mamma ville vara på den säkra sidan och ville ha sitt vatten kokat innan hon drack det, just in case, men jag drack det direkt som det var. And I'm still alive. (Fast jag käkade också en kiwi som jag insåg en mus hade gnagat på i väskan, så jag känner mej rätt odödlig mot bakteri)
 Men överlag var det en riktigt härlig resa! Som var mera utmanande och krävande än vad jag hade räknat med. Vilket alltså är en bra grej. Behöver ju liksom bli påmind om att jag inte är hur awesome som helst och kan klara allt här i världen utan ansträgning. Och att mamma klarade av den är jag rätt imponerad över. Envisheten sitter hårt i denhär familjen kan jag väl säga.
Men jag rekomenderar verkligen er ute-människor och friluft-lovers att bege er norrut på finnarnas favorit hike! Vi gjorde den på 3,5 dag och det kändes som en perfekt tidsrum utan stress och med en massa tid att njuta av omgivelserna och pausa när vi kände för det. Tack för ett bra sällskap och en fin resa mamsi!
Käkade såklart 500 gram godis och tryckte i mej så många pizzor jag bara kunde på Rax pizza buffé bara några timmar efter att vi kommit ur skogen, haha. So worth it. 

YachtWeek2016 - WhiteParty

 Okay so I got you the storie about Tomorrowland. Ska jag berätta om YachtWeek då? Jadå! Men step by step. Kan verkligen in heller förklara den veckan i ord, och absolut inte i bara ETT inlägg. Så bilder kommer komma. Och det har kommit en liten video över White Partyt, som var en av alla de många fester under veckan, som var på en super mysig ö var vi alla festade i solnedgången klädda i vita outfits. So let's start with pics från den festen så ni får en liten idé över hur vi hade det.
Kom till den lilla korta videon HÄR

Dominican Republic

 Så nu är då den Dominikanska Republiken checked off listan på länder jag besökt. Häftigt va? Häftigt jag varit så mycket i den delen av världen i år, i Karibien. Trodde jag verkligen aldrig.
So how did I like it? Ja tja först och främst får jag en annan uppfattning av länder när jag reser ensam än när jag reser tillsammans med någon. Och att resa med någon som snackar språket gör ju det också till något helt annat. Så mitt liv är alldeles för lätt när jag reser med A som är syd Amerikansk. Men joja det var bra och jag är glad jag fått se det! Inget land som jag fick någon speciell connection till eller känsla att jag vill åka tillbaka till, men det gör ju inget!
Vi började med att stanna i Santo Domingo 2 nätter. Bara för att ta det lugnt och vara tillsammans lite. Sen hyrde vi en bil, även fast alla på hostellet sa OMGNEJVATÄNKERNIMED hyr inte bil i dethär landet!! Folk kör som dårar. Aaah yolooooo! Vi hittade faktiskt en bil för 50 dollar om dagen som, viktigt viktigt viktigt, försäkringen var inkluderad i priset! Så off we go! Och okay jag fattar varför Lonely Planet hade skrivit att DR är rankade till världens farligaste land att köra i, för det är helt insane. Glöm trafikljus, glöm regler, glöm allt du tror du vet om att köra i trafiken. I DR kör de i motsatt riktning om de har lust. Trafikljus är bara en färg. 10 människor rymmer lätt bakpå flaket på en jeep. Fart hastighet är bara en siffra. Blinkers är fullständigt onödig utstyrsel på bilar. Köra i filer har inga regler. Men vi klarade 6 dagar på vägarna! Eller, jag körde inte en endaste gång. Jag kommenterade och irriterade sönder A om hans körning. Nej men ärligttalat gjorde han det såååå bra, och anpassade sig perfekt efter hur de andra körde (fuck red light, zick zacka, speeda, köra som en idiot) så allt gick bra!
Okej nu tänkte jag ju inte göra dethär till världens längsta inlägg, så avrundar här nu och vill bara tillägga att vi hade en super vecka tillsammans körande runt hel halva DR (till och med till gränsen till Haiti, men längre än så kom vi inte efter att blivit totalt avskräckta vad Haiti egentligen är. Eller, jag hade ju fortfarande lust - skit samma de har en Voodo religion där och är sjukt desperata och fattiga, dit vill jag endå! Men som tur kan A vara den smarta i såna situationer och få mej att inse njaaaaaaa..). Men jaa, under resan hade vi allt från nätter på all inclusive resort till hostell till 20$ hotell till djungel hydda.. Och vi såg allt från höga gröna berg, rice fields, och det otroligt blåa vackra havet. Extra fact är att Samana Peninsula var min absoluta favorit del av DR. Nu vill jag också tillägga att bästa med hela resan var ju att vi fick vara tillsammans med varandra men fyfaaaaan hur cheese jag låter. Usch tyst Jessica, vad händer med dej?!!! Så let's ignorera att jag just skrev detdär, men endå menar det..

Simple Breaky, Extraordinary view

We're back from vacation mode in Dominican Republic! And after having one short night in Miami, it's now time for me to get back to Europe again where I'm having 1 more work month before I'll be full-time travelbird again. Woho!

Bahamas & Miami

Oh wow alltså hur mycket man hinner göra med 2 veckors semester. Alltså sjukt ju egentligen. Förra året tog jag det löjligt lugnt de flesta 2 veckorna i månaden jag hade ledigt och chillade på ett och samma ställe i Danmark, och med någon dagars resa till Finland, Italien och Norge. Men denhär årets första vacation var sjukt intense. Reste iväg från Danmark samma dag jag fick ledigt, hann spendera precis lagom antal dagar i Finland och åka till favvo Miami och också njuta och uppleva Bahamas.
Så en resa till Bahamas är checked off the list. Ja och som sagt, har inte riktigt förstått mej själv varför jag från början valde resa tillbaka till Miami (I got my principals to NOOOOT resa till samma platser en miljon gånger som jag redan sett.. Hur många gånger flög jag inte fram o tillbaka till Miami under våren då? Jag har faktiskt varit på 5 olika flygplan TILL Miami hittills år 2016, omg enough is enough eller?! ), men min vän A lovade att om jag bara flyger över till Miami så tar hand om att fixa en Bahamas resa för oss. Okaaaay then, lite svår övertalad men inte så förfärligt. Så vi åkte på en honeymoon resa till Bahamas. Eller vad nu man än åker till Bahamas för. Eller. Ja tja. Nej. Nå iaf, A är typ världens sämsta på planering haha så egentligen blev jag inte förvånad när vi satt i Miami dagen innan vi skulle checka in på ett all inclusive hotell på Grand Bahamas och insåg att det går inga färjor till Bahamas just på onsdagar. Jahaaaa jaa. Som tur gick det flyg, så en 23 minuters flygresa passade också oss bra. Hemvägen blev dock istället med 3 timmars båtfärd till Fort Laurdedale norr om Miami.
Helt ärligt gillar jag ju inte alls resort-resor. Ligga vid en pool, över äta på buffen osv.. Men att göra det i 3 dagar var helt perfekt och lagom och en helt underbar tid att vila upp sig på. Och jag är så otroligt glad och tacksam jag fått se och uppleva vackra Bahamas. Så fint! Och faktiskt mera simpelt och primitivt intryck fick jag av ön än vad jag förväntade mej? Men hotellet var precis så lyxigt som jag föreställt mej det e på Bahamas.
Sen hade jag ju ett par dagar i Miami också. Som spenderas med att äta alldeles för mycket och gott, Netflix and chill, köra runt och lite Miami sightseeing. Jag gillar verkligen Miami. Alltså verkligen. Absolut där uppe i toppen på mina favorit stor städer. Men är rätt säker på att jag gillar det bara för jag haft det så himla bra alla gånger jag varit där. I've only seen the good side of it. Alltid bott bra, ätit gott, blivit kört runt, blivit super omhändertagen osv. Jaa åh vilka underbara människor jag fått äran att ha i mitt liv.
Och denhär killen då, oh damn jaa. Nej det e ingen ny pojkvän eller något, nej nej nej, men jag har bara någon annorlunda stark connection till honom jag verkligen inte kan påminna mej själv jag haft med någon annan. It's super strange och irriterar mej för att jag inte förstår mej själv, men kul såklart. Men jaa jag tror ju there will always be a reason you meet people så jag behöver väl inte förstå exactly why.

To live a life

 This is what I wrote on Saturday.
Oh damn här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång. Alone time for the first time in a month, here comes the time to reflect and think. Creating thoughts into text. Sharing it on the blog. You're welcome.
So here comes the update, about my weekend. Weekends. My week, weeks. My last days and week and month. What's been up? Omg. Let's take it shortly first what's been up since last update, since Mexico.
Sunday 3 weeks ago I was in Cancun Mexico, where I had spent sick coughing days sleeping on a sofa to all inclusive luxuriously fun sunny days. The Monday after I had 12 hours in Dallas Texas. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I woke up in Aspen Colorado. Friday I saw the sunrise over Miami Florida. Saturday morning I put my feet for the first time in South America. Sunday morning I woke up after a wedding in Santiago Chile. Monday morning I landed back in Miami Florida. And my plan was to leave Monday evening to Europe. Have I said I hate to plan? Waste of time and effort. Right. Still saturday morning when my absolutely last minute plan, and the day I had to be in Scandinavia, I still woke up in Miami.
When I'm writing this is Saturday afternoon (to be honest I wrote down Friday because I really thought it was Friday) I'm sitting in a Airberlin plane from Miami on my way to Düsseldorf. In Düsseldorf I have a flight to Copenhagen and there I have another flight to catch to northern Denmark. Yes, it's time to get back working. I'll be one day late to my season job start (I HATE being late. It's on my hating list. So if I'm late myself, oh damn fucking no I'm not proud and feeling so stressed about it) but I'll be there. Destiny didn't let me leave Miami. I spent hours at the Mia airport, being there 5 times in the last 5 days. That's the thing with standby travelling, if the flight you've reserved is fully booked - it's fully booked. You'll stand outside your gate watching every single passengers getting on. In the absolutely end of boarding, at the this-is-the-final-call-gate-is-closing-time , if passengers are missing, they'll throw standby travellers on board. Yesterday I stood outside my gate, on a AA flight I NEEDED to be on. I knew all the flights for the day was 100% full, but I just had to get on one. Because if not, I don't know how to tell my boss I'm stuck in Miami when I should be on the other side of the earth in Denmark. I didn't get on. Just another night in Miami.
About planning. I used to hate not having plans. I needed to know what's going on. Even if I always been living after the go-with-the-flow-philosophy I always been needed to at least have a little bit of ideas of a plan, because it makes me feel I at least got some control. But it slowly have faded with travelling through the years. Still one year a go I had the need of knowing a little bit of my plans. The Camino walk scared me because that was the most ridiculous thing to do without plans. But the Camino walk thought me so much, which I ones again should not get talking about, but I got to know everything will be alright. Like KNOWING, not just saying it and pretend to believe in it. No actually knowing and feeling EVERYTHING WILL ALWAYS WORK OUT AND BE OKAY. Doing standby flying is very important to know that. It's a gamble. Will you get on will you not. Will you be in another country tomorrow or not. So fuck plans, because there's no guarantee for anything. But in the end - you'll be alright because whatever happens is supposed to happen exactly that way. And second of all, it's ridiculously FUN to have no plans and literally go with the flow. Because having no plans gives the opportunity to say yes to everything and anything.
So after Mexico me and my blondie had no plans. No actually, after Ultra Music Festival a month ago I/we had no plans. NO plans. Not kidding. Or yes, a ticket to Cancun. But not even a from-Mexico ticket. But I actually had a flight reservation FROM Jamaica to London for the 12th April. Okay? Yeah well, that didn't happen. Instead, this is how my/our month turned out instead.
Spontaneous joining some guys we met on Ultra Music Festival in Miami, joining them to ASPEN. Freaking fucking Aspen I know. Fucking hell that was unexpected. Flying Cancun to Denver. Palmtrees to snow. Wtf. So unexpected. But damn so fun. That feeling I had skiing down the slopes I can't really describe. I guess that's the feeling I always am chasing. To be so freaking high on happiness. Like omg. I don't know what it was, because honestly I'm not that into skiing and snow, but damn I was happiness high. We lived amazingly luxuriously good too. Like damn yeah, I can't describe that Aspen trip more than #highonlife.
Straight after, I got invited to a weekend in Santiago. Santiago, in CHILE, IN SOUTH AMERICA. Omg. I so wanted to go to South America and it just happened? So together with a guy I knew for 2 weeks I sat in total 16 hours in flights to spend 36 hours in Chile, attending a guy's (who I also met at Ultra) wedding. Hah. No seriously it doesn't get more crazily spontaneous than that, for sure. And omg how much fun. In Nicaragua I meet a German guy who told me "if you ever get invited to a Latino wedding - fucking do it!! It's crazy and such an experience." and who would have known that one month later I would experience it for myself. Omg yes it was crazily amazing and I'm feeling so blessed and grateful.
After that I got back to Miami, where I was literally stranded. I was supposed to be on a flight on Monday, changed it to Wednesday, missed 2 flights on Wednesday, didn't get on any whatsoever fully booked flights on Friday, and finally on Saturday got away.
I don't give a fuck ppl talk, which I know some of you already do, that's why I'm showing these pictures and telling my stories. Whatever it may look like. Escort sluts golddigers boyfriends sugar daddys? What is this? How can you girls afford travelling like princesses? You for sure having something dodgy going on. Or maybe it doesn't even look like that, but outside seen from these pictures - yes it looks like we have had it way too good, which we have had. I've been living in a fuck reality bubble the last month. Big time. I always been fuck society and reality, but this month been unrealistic. I've been so high on life, love, friendship, good food, adrenalin and music. I've felt so much and I've been in the present and moment, together with a lot of different amazing people who I've created an incredible friendship and memories together with. I'm, we're, grateful blessed and lucky. I, we, don't play games, I'm myself and are lucky enough to attract the right people to my life and I'm always eager to say yes to fun and new opportunities. I'm not scared of living, that's the secret to make magic happen.
Another thought..
I've been saying for 6 years, since I finished school, that I have no idea what I wanna do with my life - that's why I travel, to find what I wanna do. Travel until I know, just because I just don't know what else to do. Poor me, I don't know what to do. Don't know what I like. What I want. Fml I'm so lost. Everyone in the world knows what they wanna do, study or work with. But poor poor me is just searching. Wtf no, who got me to believe in that bullshit? Because that's how I've felt, sorry for myself because I don't know what I want. I can't believe it taken me 6 years to realise what the fuck I'm saying to myself. How can I tell myself I DO NOT KNOW anything I want to do with my life when there's one thing I know for sure I like and want? Travel. I fucking do wanna travel. That's what I know. Maybe I don't know what car or house I want. What kind of education I want. What city I wanna settle in. What kind of career. But what I DO know is places I wanna see. Adventures I wanna do. Just because I don't know what I want to do of the things society tells me I should do, doesn't mean I'm lost. I've only looked on that list, that this-is-what-you-should-want-and-do-according-to-society-list for years, that's why I don't find what I'm looking for because what I'm looking for is not on the society-list. And it's fucking okay.
Why am I writing about this? Because I will forget. I'm getting screwed by society when I'm in the reality, among "normal" ppl. I wrote this on the airplane, when I'm in a in-the-middle-stage. I know in a few days after getting going with working in Denmark I'll get a life crisis telling myself I can't keep on living like a nomad and travel. I need to become like everyone else around me. I need to have the dreams they're having. Career, education, work, house, family. The things we're told we want. How can I remind myself of that's not MY dreams. I remember how those feelings hit me after the Camino. Not just then, no, after every fucking travel. I'm so happy and fulfilled when travelling, no sorrows in the world with a only backpack as my home around strangers who understand my life view and desire to travel. But when coming back home I crash. Crash crash crash, because in "reality" none understands. I even loose the sense understanding myself in it. 

Spontaneous Trip

 0 hours sleep (okay perhaps 30 minutes) on more than 33 hours, 3 hours flight, and 12 hours waiting time in Texas. Omg. We're feeling like, and looking like, walking zombies. When I'm writing this we still have 2 more waiting hours, 2 more flight hours and a 2 hours car drive before we can get some sleep and we're finally at the this-doesnt-make-sense-to-us-destination. Haha, eeh yes we're going to the mountains, to the cold.
In exactly 2 weeks I'll start working in Denmark for the summer season. Yes. That feels unrealistic. Being back to reality, working mode? So, yes I'm actually travelling to Europe in about one week. Oh man, let's not think about that.. Because before that I'll be travelling to 5 different destinations. That's at least the plan. But honestly, there's never a guaranteed plan when travelling. Let's see what happens. But first, let's get to Colorado, to Aspen.


 I wrote this after 15 hours in Manuaga, Nicaragua .
So my trip to Nicaragua didn't start so good. Or lets say my Costa Rica time didn't end so good. I lost money. Again. Wtf. First New York where I wasted way too much on a fucking Uber idiot and shuttle bus shit (honestly I haven't written it down here because it's so fucking embarrassing, but I was forced to spend 180$ to get from JFK airport to New Jersey, which should cost maximum around 40-70$. Like seriously) , and now, in Costa Rica where I've got robbed straight out of my backpack. Which was in the fucking bus trunk. How the hell can anyone get in there, among the other bags, open mine, find my document case and find my in total 100 dollars in there. Fucking idiots. The thing is, that I exactly know who the idiot was. Or I have a feeling. The overfriendly worker at the Tica Bus Terminal in San Jose, who saw me getting money out of my bag. The guy who waived me goodbye. No wonder he was so fucking happy saying bye bye when he had got 100$ out of me. So somehow I badly blame myself for it, because he saw I got money out of my bag, and I been too naive believing the Costa Ricans are no thiefs and my bag would be okay in the bus luggage room. Wish it ofc should have been, but this is not Scandinavia, it's Central America... I wasn't careful enough. Lesson learned, the hard way. Again.
But okay, honestly I don't know if it was him. It could have happened anywhere and anytime during the way from San Jose to the Nicaragua boarder. It was at the border crossing (which btw went smoother and easier than the Panama-Costa Rica crossing. On that one they first got us all take our bags out of the bus on the Panama side, do the check-out-of-country-passport-control, then go in to a small room where we all had to line up our bags and they got the police-dog to go through them, after that they still wanted to check all bags by hand to check there wasn't anything suspicious, then let us walk a few blocks to get over the boarder, do the passport control on the Costa Rican side, then check the bags by hand again, and then up in the bus and away. About 90 minutes I reckon that took. The boarder crossing Costa Rica - Nicaragua took maximum 45 min. They let us off the bus at the boarder, let us do the exit-passport control, taking our bags, putting them through a scanner, and then we was told to give money and our passport to the bus driver and he organised the stamps for us. Smooth.) wher I noticed my bag was open and I was wtffffffffckfuckfuckfuck is this?! And the money was gone. I have 3 credit cards with me, and one of them was together with the money, but it was still there. They only wanted fast cash, they got it. I was so angry. I was crying. I told the bus driver and the classical excuse "no iiinglish" was easy for him to use when he didn't wanna bother about my problems. After crying and beating myself up, I got over it. Everything happens for a reason. Karma is a bitch and will get that motherfucker. So whatever. I'll do a police report when I arrive to Nicaragua and hopefully the insurance company can help me out on the loss. However I can do a police report in a country I can't speak the language, and is it even worth bothering doing it for so little money anyway? I don't know but I was so pissed I wanted to try anyway.
When I got to Managua, my stop in Nicaragua, I noticed one of my shoes were missing too, but I was so pissed that I didn't bother looking if it was stolen too or just lost in the bus. I went to the front desk at the busterminal and asked them what to do about my situation, if I can make a report with them or go to the police. They didn't understand shit, no inglishhhh, so I decided police it is. My couchsurfing host meet up with me, took me to the station to make the report and he was soooo helpful. I could never made it without him. Amazing guy!! And the police. I was prepared on meeting corrupt idiots, like in Indonesia, but no. They take their job serious. They even called the bus company, Tica Bus, to talk to them, where they first couldn't even find any info about that I've been on the bus, and the girls at the desk said they didn't "remember me" (I mean wtf, it was one hour ago they talked to the probably only English speaking blondie they seen for a week and they didn't "remember" me. Bullshit. But they told the police I could come back and they would "help" me. Bullshit.). One hour later I got my police report and was done. Closing this shitty chapter and story how I lost one shoe and 100$. So any random world travelling readers who randomly found my blog, be careful with your money on the Tica Bus. And fuck Tica Bus, there's cheaper ways to get from country to country in Central America anyway.
Overall, Nicaragua is way different than Costa Rica and Panama. Waaaay. I knew it would be cheaper, therefore poorer, but yeah I didn't prepare on that it would be so poor. I mean, they use a lot of skinny poor horses as transportation (like yeah I'm in the capital city and they ride around with horses that they just park on the side of the road. I've never seen that anywhere else in the world), it's dirty, it's dry, it's just yeah, different. I don't feel too good here after my first day. I don't know why, I just don't. It can do with the money-loss start, but whatever reason, I don't know. But I hope I'll get it going and will like it. I wanna like it.
I've also realised that I shouldn't and probably will not use my ticket to Honduras, to San Pedro Sula, to the most dangerous city in the world, on Sunday. I got a bus ticket there, I got a couchsurfing host there. Man, I even have a fucking flight ticket out of there! It's all set and ready. And yes I've been listening to the horror stories about the country, but I've waived them away saying I'll be alright. But when latinos, spanish speaking people, say they feel unsafe there, that there's dead bodies on the street, taxi drivers get shoot in front of you, it's 171 people each DAY who gets killed there randomly, then I really had to ask myself why the fuck do I need to go there? And for only 3 days, is it worth it? No it's not. The day I can get around speaking at least a little bit Spanish, when I have more time to spend in the country, that's the day I should go there. Not now. I thought I would be alright, I felt that, but now something in my gut just says no. It's not to play with.
After 24 hours in Manuaga I'm writing this. I wanna publish it in the same blog post as what I wrote here above, just because I'm surprising myself with what huge contrast I can have in my mind in just a few hours apart.
So this morning my couchsurfing host dropped me of in the city, at a big market, on his way to work. You guys who've been to Asia know how markets are in poor countries. It's crazy. It's huge, it's tight, it's smelly, it's packed, it's food everywhere, fresh meat, living chickens, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, it's random things, it's shampoo, bags, shoes, make-up, clothes, everyfuckingthing you can imagine crammed into a area which involves both inside and outside. It's like a extreme maze, it's hard to find out from or know what way you just came from. It's crazy much people, and here on this one in Managua it was ONLY local people, and so intense. I was overwhelmed. Big time. And especially when I tried to get my breakfast figured out in there, in any of the food places, and the 3 first "restaurants" I talked to didn't understand me what so ever, I really felt bad. Finally I found a place in there, she understood me and I could pay with dollars. I ate some really delicious food I pointed out I wanted from the counter, together with a super sweet and good coffee, paid around 3,5$ for it and my mood was better. I've been to markets like this before, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, but I've never felt so misplaced. Nicaragua don't seem to have tourist. Especially not solo travelling blondies.
My host had suggested me to take a bus to the more touristy area after checking out the market. It was far away so no I should not walk, just catch the bus 164. But I felt so uncomfortable and I know I looked insecure and especially would if I would start looking for the bus. So I did what's the best I can do when I'm insecure in a country - I start walking. I used Google maps and walked for hours and hours. Every km I felt better and better. When I walk I get a feeling of a place, about people's mentality, what's the cost in the supermarket, are people helpful, what way are they looking at me, how do they live, what do they do, how is this country? And I started slowly understand Nicaragua during this walk. This is exactly how I felt in Panama my first days on my own without my host. I was "scared" because I felt insecure, because I didn't know anything about the mentality of the country's people. But I spent a day walking there and after that I felt good and started liking the country.
Yes Nicaragua is poor. I have seen one white tourist during 24 hours. The people, they feel okay. Not as open and friendly as Ticos (Costa Rican ppl) where I always got a smile from everyone I gave it to. The men, acts crazy when they see me. Crazy. I said that about Panama too, but this is even more extreme, and I didn't realise that was even possible. It's exactly like my Facebook fanpage but in real life. They use the few English words they know and it comes out in random order. Bye my friend hello my lover guappa gringa mi amor. They talk to me like I'm an animal, making sssh tsss ksss chhhhs sounds to get my attention. Doesn't matter if they are on the other side of the street, in a car, in a shop, they wanna make sure to scream or whistle after me. And I kept a low profile, with a cap on my head with all my blonde hair tucked in under it. But they still could see I was a "gringa". I badly wish I somehow could record how they behave, to show how incredible crazy they are on me, but I really trying to keep a low profile not looking like a tourist flashing around with my camera or phone. Therefore I only have so few pictures to show so far too.
Anyway, thank God I'm feeling better in this country now than how I felt the first hours. Now I'm sure I'll enjoy my few days exploring it instead of thinking about leaving it earlier than originally planned.

Backpack vs Suitcase?

I wonder how I seriously have been able to travel, to backpack, with a suitcase through all these years. Like seriously, how did I make it? The freedom I have with having my life on my back and not in a box on weel is incredible. Like for example a morning the other day when it was time for me to keep on travelling Costa Rica and I had to take a bus to another town. My couchsurfing host went to work already 6AM so he couldn't drive me with his motorbike (which also is million times easier with a backpacker instead of a suitcase) to the busterminal. So I decided to walk the 4km to get there. Okay sounds honestly like nothing, which it also is since I'm used to walk with weight on my back, but in this weather 4km feels like 10km. Not kidding. I could have taken a taxi or hitch-hiked, but I wanted walk(no one ever understands my need of walking, not me either) so I did it. If I would have had a suitcase I would still have had the feeling and mood to walk, and I probably would have actually walked it (haha eh yeah like in Vietnam I've been dragging on that fucking suitcase for kilometres just because I want to walk and I don't want to take taxis even if it's almost free), but anyway I just feel so free to have my life on my back. When I got to the busterminal they said it was still another 90 minutes until the bus would leave. What to do? With a suitcase I probably would have sat down and waited, with a backpack I could spend my waiting time however I wanted. Which was walking around, hanging out in the supermarket, walk to the ocean and chill there. Freedom.
I've never travelled with a backpack before the Camino walk. Or yes, in Cambodia for 2 weeks when I left my suitcase in Vietnam. But all other times it always been with a suitcase, because I thought that just was better. Well yes I guess it is, if you go on short trips with the vacation mode put on your mind, or if you're on a long living-in-one-place-for-some-time-trips where you wanna bring a lot of stuff with you and create a little base and yeah.. Like America and Australia I enjoyed travelling with a suitcase. And small trips too, when it's not about travelling cheap and complicated. But the rest of the world, naah. When you will be lost in new cities, when you wanna take the public transportation, when you wanna be impulsive, when you simply just wanna be a backpacker and not a tourist - then pack your backpack and leave your suitcase at home.


Horseback Riding

When your couchsurfing host is a tour guide and you get to join him at work.. And his schedule for the day says horsebackriding in the jungle!

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